Av. La Paz 174 Miraflores, Lima, Peru

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Puriwasi is the endless search to achieve the total satisfaction of the backpacker, through this way transmitted all the good energy collected by us through our travel around the world.

We are a group of young local backpackers, to whom the work and the responsibilities of daily life prevented us to continue to enjoy the spontaneous, surreal and magical backpack travel.
The time continue and the same reasons that prevented us from letting go, now get the chance to continue sharing experiences with people from around the world. The opportunity to create a place where you can transmit all the good energy collected on our travels. The opportunity to create PURIWASI.

Now we need to find a place to start this new adventure, here is and old colonial house call our attention, we knew that we would have a lot of work to transform it but it was the right one, so we started.
After 2 years of hard work, the responsibilities of daily work of each, and the long nights of work, this is what we can offer you right now:
-Big dorms (fresh air and good illumination)
-Boxes with a lot of space, for your saved
-Comfortable beds
-Hot water everyday
-Big TV room
-Extensive collection of movies
-Nice roof with a great view of Miraflores
-A selective and funny bar
-A storage for your things if you need to travel and then come back
-A kitchen for your daily used
- The best personalized service
-A nice breakfast to started the day
-Permanent security and cleaning
-Friendly Multilanguage staff
-International barman
-Group activities
-Saved airport transport
-Sale of national tickets
-Laundry service every day
-Surf and parachuting lessons
-Souvenirs to remember us
Welcome to Puriwasi



The best option is to take a taxi and give the Puriwasi adress (174 La Paz Avenue, intesection with Manuel Bonilla Avenue), remember never pay more than 40 soles (about $15 dollars). Also you can contact us and we will provide you our pick up service from the airport, the price for this service is just S/. 60.00 Nuevos Soles.

In Lima, there are many transport companies, most of them are located in the downtown of Lima or Javier Prado Avenue, for both cases we recommend you take a taxi to Puriwasi Hostel, ypu can pay S/. 20.00 Nuevos Soles (about $ 8.00 Dollars).